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New Time on Site Event - Can we lose data?

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Hey guys,


my first time here in the Google Analytics forum, I hope you can help me.


We are thinking about implementing a time on site script on the website, to improve measurability. We would do so through the Google Tag Manager, but since our website has a 6-figure amount of visits per month, we were wondering if that could lead to problems. Let me explain:


The script would fire every 10 seconds, now the problem is, as far as we know, only 500 server calls per minute are allowed. Will this lead to more important scripts not being fired, but the Time on Site being measured correctly and can this in general lead to problems when there are over 1k visitors on at the same time? Because we do not want to lose more important data, for this Time on Site script.


I hope I made it understandable, otherwise feel free to ask.




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Re: New Time on Site Event - Can we lose data?

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Firing an event every 10 seconds could be problematic depending on your site and business because you have a cap of 500 hits per session. It really depends on your normal user behavior. This obviously could impact your bounce rate as well.

Personally I think there is way too much scroll tracking etc. going on where it provides limited benefit. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for it but, for most site owners it is not a usable metric and can distract from more important things like Ad impressions for publishers etc. Before you do it, I would suggest you have a game plan for exactly how you will use it to improve your conversion rates and customer acquisition. For most site owners, there are more important, actionable metrics and tracking just for tracking sake can be a distraction.


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