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Multilingual website and Google Analytics ID: Transitioning to a new tracking method

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I don't know if this is the right category to post this but feel free to move it!
We have a multilingual website and for quite some time we have had separate Google Analytics ID:s for each of the language versions, which are located in separate directories (/de/, /fr/ etc.) It has become apparent though that this approach has significant shortcomings, as it's difficult to keep track of the overall picture. We're now considering moving to an approach described in the first answer here:
Basically the idea is to have the Analytics ID only on the English version of the site, which is located on the main domain, and make a copy of the profile for each of the language versions located in subfolders. Then a filter is created in each of the copies for a specific language subfolder. This means that the main profile will capture all the traffic across the whole domain, whereas the other views will filter data by language subdirectory.
The question is now this: If we go ahead and implement this change, which in essence would mean removing the Analytics ID:s from the language subdirectories, will we still get to keep our historical Google Analytics data from the different properties? That is, if all we do is remove the ID:s from the respective pages without touching the properties linked to those ID:s, will the historically collected data still be available in those properties as long as we don't delete them from the Analytics account? Having the historical data would allow us to make some sort of comparison between the data before and after the transition. 
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October 2016

Multilingual website and Google Analytics ID: Transitioning to a new tracking method

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Hey SHarri,

When you remove the unwanted tracking ids from your multilingual domains, new user data will stop coming but data till the days code was removed will be available in google analytics.


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