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Measurement protocol with client id and two tracking ids

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We're assisting a client of ours with integrating their CRM data to their analytics account via the measurement protocol tied to a client ID.


They have a single portal that serves their global and China markets, set up under two tracking IDs as each respectively has its own property number.


The issue currently faced is it is unknown whether the CRM data to send to Google originated from their global or China website and therefore which tracking ID to set for the measurement protocol request.


My question is, are we able make two requests knowing that for one the client ID is invalid and unknown to Google? It’s estimated there would be around 100 MP requests a day so the request quota is small. I understand logically this may go against best practice, however:


- Is there any guidelines around this?
- Would Google simply disregard the data if no client ID could be matched?
- Are there known ramifications of such behavior, such as being penalised / account suspension?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Measurement protocol with client id and two tracking ids

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HI Charlie,

Just ran a quick test on own account, and the conclusion is:

If no clientID could be matched at the property level, GA will create a new User with corresponding clientID received in MP hit (of-course as long as clientID matches a valid format / standard). Meaning, if you send MP hit with same clientID (correctly formatted) to 2x different properties, both of them will record the data (irrespective if the clientID was known to the Property or not!).

Have a look (attach screenshot), the clientID 1265769493.1465657197 dint exist in this property but when I sent MP hit, it created a new user / clientID in property's database [Acquisition Date: Sep 11, 2016]


Further, in order to differentiate between the two, use dimension "User Type" (one property will report the value of this Dimension as "New Visitor", other will report it as "Returning Visitor", if you pull report for the date you send MP hit).


Not sure if that solves your problem, but perhaps gives you better insight into.





Re: Measurement protocol with client id and two tracking ids

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Hi Vibhor,

Thanks for your feedback. If the request wasn't real time I was thinking it would be set to a non-interaction hit. I assume in this instance it wouldn't create / attribute a user.



Measurement protocol with client id and two tracking ids

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To the best of my knowledge, any MP hit is reported in RT reports as well.

even if its non-interactive hit.


now "real-time" has nothing to do with "non-interactive" / "interactive" hits!


for a hit to be non-interactive you've to explicitly set parameter &ni=1. All it does is affect your bounce rate (that's all!).


You'll always have &cid parameter in MP hit (else GA discards the hit GA).


hope this clarifies the things!


Measurement protocol with client id and two tracking ids

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Perhaps too late, but you might do the following:


1. Create a custom dimension with the GA client Id

2. Before sending the hit to the measurement protocol, do an API call to the query explorer and check if the client ID exists.

3. Sent the MP request to the account where the client ID exists.


Perhaps it is not workable, but it might be a solution.