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Issue to get stats by Page with Dynamic Web sites (SPA)

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 I would like to have reporting with Google Analytics on different Web apps/sites hosted on Web platforms (Framework developed in PHP/Html 5). Several apps to analyze can be hosted on a platform having an url such as: https: // Every app is identified by a code which we find in the query string of the url which allows to reach directly the app. For example: This apps can have several pages with several widgets. Apps are SPA(Single Page Application) for which there is no simulation of url changes ("simulation of navigation") => urls remain fixed. I would like to have of the reporting by distinguishing every page of every app to have metrics such as “Top Visited page", "Rate of bounce" … The library analytics.js does not allow to my knowledge to manage this type of dynamic Web sites. It seems to me that I can use the same UA code in JavaScript tracking snippet inserted into every page but I cannot distinguish the statistics by pages and thus I shall have only global statistics at the level of the Web app/site … There is an alternative library called autotrack which includes a "urlChangeTracker" for the dynamic Web sites. The problem is that on one hand this library is not officially supported by Google and on the other hand GA does not accept url with query string.

Thus I cannot obtain a different tracking id to insert into each of my apps/site Web … => Does somebody would know a reliable solution to solve my problem to have statistics "By Page" for my dynamic Web apps/sites?

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