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4.4K members online now
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Invalid IP get cache in DNS for

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From few months, we are experiencing issue with lots many Google web sites. On diagnose we realize that our proxy server getting wrong IP addresses for those domain names. I got chance to collect some information for which are mentioned below for reference. Strange thing is, TTL value for this DNS cache is too high. For below entry it is expiring in year on 2060.


Anyone have any clue on it? We experienced this with as well..


DNS Host Name Information

Host name:
IP addresses:
Number of IP_addresses: 3.
Round robin pointer: 2.
Status: 0.
Expiry time: [14/Dec/2060:14:54:21 -0000]
Last access time: [25/Feb/2016:09:06:29 -0000]
Access count: 2,419,908.
Global refresh time: [01/Jan/1996:00:00:00 -0000]
Flags: 0.
Length of entry: 180.
Hash signature: -279,547,480.
Lookup duration: 146.
Canonical name:
Alias names:
Response code: 0.
Cached entry is valid: 1


DNS Response data:
Official Host Name:
Resolved Addresses:
Cache TTL: 1413872452, cache HIT
DNS Resolver Response: Success