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IP anonymization

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I understand that the anonymize IP option will mask part of the IP address before storing and processing the IP. What I am trying to find out is where geographically does this masking happen. So if data is submitted from Germany is the IP masked in Germany, Europe, or US?


This website mentions that IP masking takes place in Europe but I could not find any official documentation about this:

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Re: IP anonymization

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Hey Ali K,

IP masking happens whenever you call it in the GATC.

anonymizeIp: true

So if you have it set in code or selected in GTM, the last Octet is obfuscated. Regardless of whether you have it masked. the available part of the IP is used (along with other cues) for GEO reports then the IP is thrown away and never stored in Google Analytics.

More on that here:


Theo Bennett

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IP anonymization

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Hi Theo (and Ali K)


As the EU regulations are getting more and more strict (in Germany mandatory to anonymizeIP), we are thinking about doing the same for our eCommerce domains here in Norway. My question to you is if this will affect our demographics report in Google Analytics in any way? I guess the geo-reports will be a little inaccurate, but how about the demographics and interest under Audience..? This is based on behaviour coming from the Adwords-connection... am I right, or...?


For implementation and since the set-command has to fire before pageview, what is the best practise to do this with hard coding (ie. in GTM)?


Thanks in advance!



Christian Evensen


IP anonymization

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Hi @Christian E as per Geo it will definitely be affected - less detailed / reliable reporting on micro level. Demo part of the reports should not be particularly affected as this data comes form a different data source.


For implementation - and especially now with the GTM GA settings variable you just need to use the Fields to set section where you place:

anonymizeIp: true


Which in this case would be applied to all GA hits pushed from GTM.


Kind regards,


Web analyst @