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4.4K members online now
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I have some question about Custom Dimension and Custom Metric

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I used Custom Dimension and Custom Metric, but Some time log data is wrong.


Is there any limit about Custom Dimension and Custom Metric?


How many Custom Dimension and Custom Metric can I put in one send?


ex ) 


Tracker t = m_pInstance.getTracker(TrackerName.APP_TRACKER);

t.send(new HitBuilders.ScreenViewBuilder().setCustomDimension(1, strGender).setCustomDimension(2, strAge).
setCustomDimension(nDimensionNo_1, strDimensionValue_1).
setCustomDimension(nDimensionNo_2, strDimensionValue_2).
setCustomMetric(nMetricNo_1, nMetricValue_1).
setCustomMetric(nMetricNo_2, nMetricValue_2).
setCustomMetric(nMetricNo_3, nMetricValue_3).
setCustomMetric(nMetricNo_4, nMetricValue_4).
setCustomMetric(nMetricNo_5, nMetricValue_5).
setCustomMetric(nMetricNo_6, nMetricValue_6).
setCustomMetric(nMetricNo_7, nMetricValue_7).


Can I use like that?

Re: I have some question about Custom Dimension and Custom Metric

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I don't think there is any limit on how many custom dimension or custom metric in one send(). And you can't get more than 20 for each (200 for premium,

However, you may reach the data collection cap if you have a large volume of traffic.
For universal analytics, the limits are
- 10 million hits per month per property
- 200,000 hits per user per day
- 500 hits per session not including ecommerce (item and transaction hit types)
GA will not process the data if any of these caps are reached.