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How to track mobile calls from email

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Our store has it's phone number in our email promotions. If someone opens the email on their mobile device and touches the phone number, their phone will call the number. Is there a way that I can keep it callable like that, and track how many people touch that 'link/number' in Google Analytics? We want to test moving the phone number around on the email template, but we need to be able to track how many times the number was dialed from GA in order to discern if the change has made a positive affect. I know that we can get a Google number or some other number that will track the number of calls, but I would much rather track in GA where I can see all of our stats. 

Re: How to track mobile calls from email

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Hi Andres


In general, you will not be able to send the data to Google Analytics from the e-mail software(including the Web e-mail service). If you measure, you need to bring web browser.

The following is one of the draft.

To create a single HTML file that is redirected to its own phone number by using a meta refresh tag, and publish on the Web. In the page, it includes the page view tags or event tags of Google Analytics. Besides, phone number link in e-mail link to that page.


The single HTML file example:

<html xmlns="">    
    <title>Call to YOUR SHOP NAME</title>
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL='tel:YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER'" />    
    <!-- YOUR GA CODE or GTM CODE -->
    <p><a href="tel:YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER">YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER</a></p> 


However, since there is a possibly that the device does not work as intended there, please note.