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HitCallbacks blocked by Firefox Tracking Protection

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I'm experiencing that the HitCallback are blocked if the customer have Firefox with Tracking Protection enabled.


The hit callback is used to redirect when the customer click the payment method but with this option enabled, the order is not possible to finish.


Is there any way to detect if Tracking Protection is enabled with Java Script?


Note: navigator.doNotTrack; is not tracking protection.

Re: HitCallbacks blocked by Firefox Tracking Protection

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If user has opted out of tracking in browser, I don't think it is possible to track that user/machine.

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Re: HitCallbacks blocked by Firefox Tracking Protection

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Maybe I did not explain well.


I don't want to track this customer. I was looking to fix the callback redirection for continue the navigation.


Yesterday I was trying something, and finally I fixed the situation.


The Issue comes when the callback have anonymous function

// This code are blocked by Firefox Tracking Protection
ga('send', 'event', 'Checkout', 'Option', eventName, {
  'hitCallback': function() {
    document.location = link;

The Solution

// This code are not bloqued by Firefox TP, works too without timeout
ga('send', 'event', 'Checkout', 'Option', eventName, { 'hitCallback': redirectLink(link) }); setTimeout(redirectLink(link), 2000);
function redirectLink(link) { document.location = link; }