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Hierarchy of Google Analytics for Multiple Builds of Same App

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I am setting up Google Analytics Accounts for a Product which have multiple builds as frontend for same user base

So we have one Product called X and have: 

  1. Web Build 
  2. Mobile Web
  3. Android App 1
  4. iOS App 1
  5. Android App 2
  6. iOS App 2 6.

The main point is identical APIs and User base is used in all platforms and apps. So if we have a user John Doe he can login in any of the web or apps. 

We want to extract following information from Google Analytics. 

  1. Under User ID feature want, sessions aggregations of that user around all build and apps, but identifiable. So I can know that user John login to web yesterday and used mobile app today. 
  2. Each user belong to a customer (company) in our system. So want to segregate all information based on companies. 

I already have achieved point 2 by creating a custom dimension in Google Analytics and believe that's the best way to do it. 

Now need suggestions from Gurus on how to acheive point 1 using Google Analytics. 

  1. Either use single account and single property for all builds and apps 
  2. If yes, then how to identify those apps and builds in sessions
  3. If I use multiple properties/apps in GA account then how to aggregate user sessions among all?

Looking forward to hear how guys around hand or should have handled this scenario. Cheers!

Hierarchy of Google Analytics for Multiple Builds of Same App

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