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Help needed with cross domain tracking

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Hello GA Community,


My company has two separate websites, lets say for example they are website1 and website2. I want to track the users journey from their engagement with website1 to them clicking our website2 link and then continue to track their engagement on website2. 


Would cross domain tracking be the best option for this?


If not what recommendations do you have?


If so would the following link of instructions be ideal to follow or is there something better?


Just so I understand, if I am implementing cross domain tracking I am essentially combing both site1 and site2 data together and then I have to set a custom filter to separate that data. Am I correct on this?


Right now I have both websites under two different accounts under my main GA login. Would I need to set up filters on both accounts or just website1?


Please let me know if any clarification is needed. Any feedback or help is much appreciated. 




Michael F. 




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Re: Help needed with cross domain tracking

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Hi Michael F,

Generally speaking, the instructions on the Google site that you linked to are ideal, assuming that your setup is not complex and straightforward. If you are using GTM, then there would be some slight differences, but the gist of it would be the same.

Cross-domain tracking would suit your scenario appropriately, and you would be able to track visitor engagements across both sites. If you have two separate accounts and are tracking the sites with distinct properties, then you would need to set up filters on each property so that you can see which domain traffic comes from.

Other than that,, there shouldn't be any other hitches (again, assuming your implementation is straight forward).

Hope this helps.
Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Help needed with cross domain tracking

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if you want to use cross domain tracking both websites must use same tracking ID (UA-XXXXX-Y).
The link to instruction you've mentioned is OK.

If your tracking implementation is rather simple you could consider to leave original tracking code without any changes and create another property to track both websites with new tracking code. But then you should be familiar with "Working with multiple trackers":

But if you use many additional tracking features (e.g. e-commerce, event tracking, etc.) then you must choose one of existing account and use the same property on both websites.

After creating filters you'll be able to track both websites together and separately in different views.