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4.8K members online now
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Google Content Experiments Without Redirects

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Wonder if you can help? I’m very new to experiments. I currently have variations working with redirects, all working and running successfully. I now want to get this working on just one page without redirects. I’m not great with JavaScript and I’m struggling to get this working. The example below is from Google but I’m not sure what I would need to change in the HTML to get the variations to fire? Can anyone help me with a basic example so I can then expand?


// Define JavaScript for each page variation of this experiment.
var pageVariations = [
function() {}, // Original: Do nothing. This will render the default HTML.
function() { // Variation 1: Banner Image
function() { // Variation 2: Sub-heading Text
document.getElementById('heading').innerHTML = 'Look, a Bridge!';
function() { // Variation 3: Button Text
document.getElementById('button').innerHTML = 'Learn more';
function() { // Variation 4: Button Color
document.getElementById('button').className = 'button button-blue';

// Wait for the DOM to load, then execute the view for the chosen variation.
// Execute the chosen view