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Google Analytics Cross-Domain tracking issue

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I recently integrated Google Universal Analytics to our sites. We have a 3rd party booking engine that goes to a different domain so we utilize cross-domain tracking to pass the cookie through in Analytics.

Once I switched everything over on both sites it seems the cookie is resetting and all ecommerce traffic on the 3rd party site says its "Direct" traffic now instead of whatever medium it should've been. My guess is the cookie isn't passing through correctly but I can't find the solution.


  1. I added both domains to the Referral Exclusion List in the Admin already.
  2. The Universal Analytics code is on both domains.


I tested on my local machine and the parameters passed through. The only difference is on the live site we have an SSL on the domain. My guess is this is the issue? If so how is this resolved? I can't find anywhere in Google's forums of SSL stripping GA parameters

Re: Google Analytics Cross-Domain tracking issue

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Are you running multiple different sites to a single 3rd party booking module?
Or a separate booking module license/URL per site of yours.

Basically I am saying is it many to one or are they paired one to one?
we have had issues with many to one before.

If using many to 1 are you using Universal GA?
Are you using Tag Manager?