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Google Analyst code on Masterpage?

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My head tags are in my Masterpage.  I put the Google Analyst code on the Masterpage, and it appears to be working.  Is this common?  Also, I have another WebAnalysis program running at the same time.  When I added the Google code, my "Total Visitors" jumped way up in the other program.  What is Google Analysis doing on the website, to make the other program think we have way more visitors?

Re: Google Analyst code on Masterpage?

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I think it is interesting that you decided to load this at the Masterpage level. I have never done it that way, but I can see why that might make sense. Since Analytics sends data in the form of variables in a script, it could be that both programs are receiving variables with the using the same names. This could cause the inflation you are seeing.

The strange thing is, I have not heard of another program intercepting Google Analytics data. That could have some interesting implications, but then I could be completely wrong. Perhaps someone with more ASP.NET experience could give you better insight.

It might be helpful to know what the other WebAnalysis program is to help troubleshoot.