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GA realtime - keep alive

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i have a realtime platform when users are staying on pages for a long duration, i found that after 5 minutes (more or less) the GA realtime stop show them so i created timer that each 4 minutes send pageview and this way all users remain "connected" to GA.


I wonder if it's a good approach or it's can may produce un-accurate data on the reports later.

Is anyone experienced that?

Re: GA realtime - keep alive

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Hey Shlmi, how are things?

Real-time feature on GA is based on user interaction with the website. Is not just the fact that's ON the website, with the page opened, it must have some interaction with it: clicks, page navigation and etc.

It's very important to understand the Session Duration concept on this one, since it can impact your approach. From my point of view, I wouldn't fire a pageview after 4 minutes just to keep the user active on real-time feature. If someone opened your website and left for lunch, you would get a lot of wrong information and that's not what the real-time is there for.

If you want to track real-time user behavior on your website, you should consider using a 3rd party tool for that, since GA feature is very simple compared to others in the market. It's more like a "keep my eye on things" and not a real-time report tool per say.

That's my opinion Smiley Happy Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: GA realtime - keep alive

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Hello Leandro ,

Can you suggest some free tools for real time?

Re: GA realtime - keep alive

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Hi Leandro,

Thanks for detailed answer.

Basically my app is a music platform (YouTube based) that users are listen music simultaneously with others in realtime rooms (it's call: ) - that's mean that the Session Duration supposed to be long.

Bacuase i dont have other tools to measure it i'm using GA for it and it's quite fine, the only i worry about is that we're depending (and proud) about the data form Google Ananlytics and i just want to make sure the workaround i made is not harm the data accuracy and it's still correct.

What do you think?


p.s. i'm also joining to @Soumik request for (free) tools to measure realtime activity.