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GA - Different domains / cross domain tracking

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I'm not very experienced with GA, trying to read up and learn.

My plan is to use GTM for cross domain tracking.


From what i have read, people use the same analytics id for all the domains.

Is this the most common way to set up GA with several domains?


I have GA with all on the same account, but the domains have different GA ID.

Is this somthing i should change or is it away to do cross domain tracking with different GA ID's.


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February 2016

Re: GA - Different domains / cross domain tracking

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Hi Magnus,

I suggest you do the following:
* Have a unique GA ID (Property) like you already have for each domain
* Have one GA ID (Parent Property) that you will implement on ALL domains (all pages), this will become your control
* Create a cross domain filter for the parent account so that it shows your full domain name in analytics

Re: GA - Different domains / cross domain tracking

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Hi Bryan,

Thanks a lot for your answer.
This seems like a good advice to follow.