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Events not showing up with specific tracking ID

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Hi there,


I'm writing a script using python to collect certain data from Microsoft CRM and automatically upload these as events into Google Analytics using the measurement protocol. We have a few different accounts to send these events to, which have different tracking IDs. For some reason, it is working fine with all but one of these IDs. No matter what we've tried, we cannot get any events to show up for this specific ID. This ID is receiving other events such as webpage clicks, just not posts from the measurement protocol. So far we've tried removing all filters and changing various attributes in the post to no avail. I should also note this, as well as all other accounts have been transferred over to "Universal Analytics".


Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!





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Re: Events not showing up with specific tracking ID

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I figured out the issue was the box checked in view settings called "Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders", I guess it counted us as that. Unchecking this box has fixed the issue