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Event Tracking not working (no data in GA)

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Hi Googlers

Please can you assist, we are sending events to our GA account & the events are not reflecting on our dashboard.

They were working before & we have tested the events against the /debug URL and we get the following back:

$ curl -X GET ""
  "hitParsingResult": [ {
    "valid": true,
    "parserMessage": [ ],
    "hit": "/debug/collect?el=Duration+1\u0026cid=4d2400bf-f07a-4d7c-8a0b-5bf6cf21c80d\u0026ea=Call+to+27877249323\u0026ec=Voice+Call\u0026t=event\u0026v=1\u0026tid=UA-XXXXXXXX-1"
  } ],
  "parserMessage": [ {
    "messageType": "INFO",
    "description": "Found 1 hit in the request."
  } ]

Is there a setting in GA that hides events?  We suspect this could be the case as when we hit up the URL with a browser we can see the event, but if we send via CURL or our Python library it does not work.

Re: Event Tracking not working (no data in GA)

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Hi Mark,

"" is debug mode url. So, We can't see the request on Google Analytics Report.
If you want to see it, you request DON'T debug mode, such as "".

Re: Event Tracking not working (no data in GA)

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Thanks Yamada.

In production we are not uaing debug I posted the incorrect URL. We think it's a setting on the actual GA to which the event are being sent, because we see the events for majority of the account we sent them to.