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1.9K members online now
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Entrance Path & Navigation Summary.

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Hello All, 


I am very new to Google Analytics.  So if you could help in learning few stuff, It would be very helpful for me to work on this stuff. 


Below is the screenshot of the landing page report - Entrance Path Reporting .  Please let me know if my understanding is correct or wrong. 


1 ) So users from the recipes.html page have navigated to the page chicken burger page , product-catalogue page , potatoes with Chesse page. 


2) Clicking on the product catalogue page gives the exit page of the particular session ( Session is correct I hope so ) . So explainig that, People from Product -catalogue.html page might have navigated to other pages and exited in /product-catalogue.html  and /recipie/steamed-bun-with Pork belly .... .html page or they have exited directly right ? 


So checking about the session traffic . 


out of 100 % sessions in the Recipies.html page , 16.67 % Moved to the product-catalogue page and out of those 16.67 % from the product -catalogue page , 50 % of sessions exited from the Product Catalgoue page itself and 50 % exited from /recipe/steamed-bun-hoi... html page. 







And one more thing is :- Why Entrance  Path is recorded in Sessions and Navigation Summary is recorded in Page Views ?  


I am doing this in-order to find  the navigation summary of the particular page , Am i doing right ?


I know its lot of questions ?  Sorry and thanks in Advance.