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Enhanced Link Attribution only working partially

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Hello everyone. I have read the other threads on this topic and see that someone has yet to come up with an answer.


I have added the ga('require', 'linkid'); correctly to my analytics script. I have gone to the property settings and toggled enhanced link attribution on. I have tried the embedded and full screen radio buttons.


When I look at my site with a recent date range (so as to give the enhanced linking time to collect data) all buttons linking to the same page are still showing the same number of clicks. That is until I look closer... So I have 3 links all going to the same page, one in the footer nested in a p tag and the other two in separate li tags at the top of the page. The footer link shows a different count despite going to the same page as the other two. The two at the top always show the same count and percentage. I then gave them both unique ID's, same problem.


These are links to other pages on my domain, not anchor links '#'. I have tried every browser, loaded unsafe scripts, cleared my cache. I have used the google analytics report and the chrome plugin.


Also, when loading from Analytics (not the chrome plugin) I get a yellow label at the top of the broswer saying "access denied error 20010". I tried other browsers and enabled popups/loaded unsafe scripts when prompted.


I can't find a single answer to this on stackoverflow. Who is going to be the hero? Who can solve this mystery?

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Re: Enhanced Link Attribution only working partially

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Hey Alexander,

Unique id's are normally the trick but you've tried that. It's frustrating that in-page is a little buggy/broken lately so I'm not sure how much time you want to invest in it. You may want to try setting an event or custom dimension to understand how users are navigating rather than relying on in-page.


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