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Enhanced Link Attribution cookie

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What is the Enhanced Link Attribution cookie for?


As I've read in this post ->, "the link ID information is recorded and sent to the _trackPageview before clearing the cookie". And on the documentation it says its deafult time is 30 seconds.


It seems to me logical that it could be a Session so it would store the information as long as the session is alive without the risk of losing it. But it also seems logical that there's a good reason why Google would choose a 30s expiration time by default.


Can anyone explain me why there is a expiration time, and what could be the implications in messing with this value?





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Enhanced Link Attribution cookie

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Hey Felipe,


I'm not sure the purpose of the cookie and never really bothered to stop and consider it.  : )   That said, I suppose it may have something to do with caching; that is so the look for the id attribute of the link or parent and then store in cookie so there is always the most accurate info - that and I think the number of levels to look up the DOM to differentiate the links.   


Best thing to remember is that it works best when each link is differentiated by setting a unique id attribute.


Hope that helps. 




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Enhanced Link Attribution cookie

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Hi Felipe


Enhanced Link Attribution ID is used in Page Analysis Report.
The Page Analysis Report generates a report based on the URL viewed immediately after the page. And it identifies whithc URL in the page was clicked. Enhanced Link Attribution ID supports the identification of the link.


Since the object of the Page Analysis Feature is for seeing only the transition between the current page and the page immediately after it. So, there is no problem that the cookie's expiration date is short.


If it takes more than 30 seconds to load the next page, you will need to lengthen the cookie's expiration date.

However, at that time, you should make efforts to speed up the loading time of the page.