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3.6K members online now
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Email Campaign Tracking and Cached Pages

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Hi there - I'm a newbie to GA and marketing so forgive me if this is a dumb questions. We send out emails with custom tracking in the links within the email. However, each time a user clicks the link, it loads a non-cached version of the page. Our list is pretty big and this causes the page load time to increase significantly and sometimes causes the site to become non responsive or crash when a lot of users are trying to load non-cached versions of the page at the same time. Is there a way around this so that it doesn't link to non-cached version of the page but still allow the tracking code?



Re: Email Campaign Tracking and Cached Pages

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Hey Adam, how are things?

It seems that your problem is more related to your server capacity rather than the page itself. It would be great if you could improve your server capacity to handle bigger volumes of visitors. Depending on the service you've, they can do that automatically as soon as they notice that your traffic is increasing at determined point, and drop again when the volume gets down.

I'd mess with cached/non-cached versions only if there's absolutely no workaround with the server.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click