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Ecommerce Data / DataLayer Not Pushing to Analytics

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We are using Google Tag Manager. Transaction data is in the datalayer on the order confirmation page as follows:



In console I wrote “universal_variable” which I believe holds all the datalayer data. I wrote a custom JS function (below) which uses Google's required variables and fires when I place a sample order. However the transaction information is not registering in GA. What are we missing? Help is much appreciated. Thanks. 



  var obj_to_push = {
	"transactionId": universal_variable.transaction.order_id,
	"transactionProducts": []
	universal_variable.transaction.line_items.forEach(function(item) {
		temp = {"name","price":item.product.unit_sale_price,"quantity":item.quantity,"sku":item.product.sku_code};
window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
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Re: Ecommerce Data / DataLayer Not Pushing to Analytics

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Hi there,
a couple points about
1- Refer to the data layer specification for Enhanced eCommerce for GTM
2- don't use "universal_variable" it's a reserved name for other tag management systems
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