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Ecommerce Conversions not showing in Analytics

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I'm not seeing any ecommerce transactions being reported in Analytics, even after waiting 24 hours. The scripting has been implemented correctly and Google Tag Manager has both the tags and the trigger set up correctly too and I'm not seeing any errors. When I run through a test transaction on the live site and I'm on the thank you page, checking it out with Tag Assistant, I did notice that I'm not seeing the option for viewing Other Requests...


tag-assist-wrong.pngOther Requests not showing 


But on a duplicate test site, with the same exact settings and checking with Tag Assistant at the Thank you page, I do get the Other Requests option and can see the conversions being reported like they should in Analytics... 


tag-assist-right1.pngDuplicate site shows Other Requeststag-assist-right2.pngShowing transaction data 


It looks like Google Tag Manager is grabbing what it needs from the data layer in both cases, but in the live site, that conversion data isn't being reported in Analytics. Has anyone else encountered an issue like this before? I'd be happy to at least know where I should start looking for the culprit but I'm at a loss.

Ecommerce Conversions not showing in Analytics

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You need to make sure that you are sending transaction information as other parameters.

Please show me the capture of Tag Assistant, "Other Requests > URLs".

Or we can advice that you can see where you have specified transaction information in the tag manager of source code.



Re: Ecommerce Conversions not showing in Analytics

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Thanks for the response. These screenshots are on the test site and not the live site. 




Hopefully this might help too. Unfortunately I can't run Tag Manager Preview on the live site that isn't reporting the transactions.


tag-mgr-preview.pngTag Manager Preview of same transaction as above