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Demographic report is not generated for Android App

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I am trying to get demographic report working for my Android events. I have enabled advertising id collection at client.




I see the adid being sent from my device in the analytics log as well.



03-01 16:04:50.232 31861-32065/xx.xx.xxxxx D/GAv4: Hit delivery requested: ht=1456828490177, _s=262, _v=ma8.4.87, a=1689131293, adid=d0838440-021b-4dd4-abcd-8abcdabcd358, aid=xx.xx.xxxxx, an=App Name, ate=1, av=1.0, cd=yy.yy.yyyyyy, cid=abcdef-1234-3ab4-3abc-1234567abcde, sr=1080x1776, t=screenview, tid=UA-12345678-1, ul=en-in, v=1

However, analytics dashboard complains that the advertisement id collection is not enable and showing no report. 


Any idea, where I am going wrong?