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Define 1 or 2 custom dimensions?

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Hi there, I would like to consult with you about a desired implementation.


I would like to create a report that shows a custom dimension category (for this example: "Categories"),
and a second dimension that will include sub category with specific related drill down data URLs.

For example: I have this URLs, each one is a dynamic result of a custom dimension setup:


I would like to create a report with custom dimension that will include only the first dynamic part (orange) of this string, so when I add this custom dimension to a report, it will appear in a list like this:




Then when I drill down clicking on any of the sub categories above, I will get all the URLs that contains only that specific dynamic sub category:

/stringA=1 ---> "Pages" Drill down

My question is, If I add a second dimension of "Pages" in analytics, will it automatically collect ONLY pages that contains the dynamic sub category parameters, or should I add another custom dimension?

Thanks a lot!


Re: Define 1 or 2 custom dimensions?

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Hi Moria,

Happy New Year.

Did you tried the content groups here to group URLs.

Not sure of any feasibility here with the above solution.

Please elaborate what you are trying to achieve here? Might gives us the forum to help if there is any alternative option.


Re: Define 1 or 2 custom dimensions?

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Hi there Sam,

Happy new year to you too Smiley Happy

Content Grouping won't work here because there are many dynamic sub categories that suppose to be generated automatically.

What I want to achieve is a group of variables (string part taken from URL), that will include in a drill down, all the pages that contains that variable.