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Conversion tracking cross domain clarification

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I have implemented cross-domain tracking (seemingly correctly - using some js to append the _ga linker to the iframe load, etc.) to track video views in an iframe from another site. The flow is for the person to visit the main site, then they open an iframe which tracks a page view within the iframe, and then various custom events are pushed within that frame as the video plays.


What is happening is that I am not seeing the video player events in any of my reports. There also appears to be some inconsistency in attributing landing pages (/) vs. the video player events or iframe page views.


To isolate things, I had only one session (a new visitor with cleared cookies) on a certain day to eliminate all variables.


Here is the behavior flow report, which shows no events whatsoever, although the page view to the iframe (the ugly URL without a title on the page - a BrightCove bug I still need to address) is being tracked properly.


Screenshot - Google Chrome, Hangouts - 2016-08-26 09.15.12 AM.png


An events report that shows landing page is also inconsistent, showing landing pages of the iframe as well as (some) events attributed to the proper root page. This makes it seem like I have some rogue sessions.


Screenshot - Google Chrome, Hangouts - 2016-08-26 09.23.37 AM.png





But in the GA tag assistant, it is appropriately showing only one session, with the correct landing page, video player page view, and video player events:


Screenshot - Google Chrome, Hangouts - 2016-08-26 09.13.20 AM.png


Ultimately, I need some confidence that what I'm tracking is accurate and that if I pull a report or segment of users who view videos by campaign/landing page/whatever, that I will be getting reliable data. Is there something I'm missing?


Thanks in advance for the help.





Conversion tracking cross domain clarification

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I don't think you can track events from an external site within an iframe. You can try event tracking: 


If the click is out of iframe:

_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', eventCategory, eventAtion, eventLabel]);

If the click is inside the iframe you should use:

window.parent._gaq.push(['_trackEvent', eventCategory, eventAtion, eventLabel]);