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Content grouping - multiple groups per page

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Hi, I'm trying to set up content grouping on an ecommerce site but I don't think I'm fully getting how it's supposed to work. From the docs I get the impression I should be able to categorise my pages in multiple ways but the it also says 1 category per page.


I have category pages, brand pages, product pages and other types such as cms, checkout etc.

I've defined 3 content groups:

Group 1: PageType

Group 2: Category

Group 3: Brand


For PageType I've defined labels such as ProductPages, ListingPages, CMSContent...

For Category - the label is the category name

For Brand - brand name


Now let's say the current page is a cms page - I set Group 1, CmsContent and I don't set group 2 and 3 - this seems to work pretty well.


Now let's say the current page is product page for nike shirt. I set all 3 groups like this:

ga('set', 'contentGroup1', 'ProductPages');
ga('set', 'contentGroup2', 'Shirts');
ga('set', 'contentGroup3', 'Nike');


And I expect to go in the reports, select each one of my groups and in each group see the same product page because I've described this page with a label from 3 different perspectives. I apply similar logic to category (group 1: listing pages, group 2: category name, no group 3) and brands (group 1: listing pages, no group 2, group 3: brand name) pages.


Here's an actual example of a product page:




ga('set', 'contentGroup1', 'ProductPages');
ga('set', 'contentGroup2', 'Golf Shirts');
ga('set', 'contentGroup3', 'Callaway Golf');
ga('ec:addProduct',{"id":"G20732","name":"New Media Test Product","brand":"Callaway Golf","category":"Golf Apparel/Golf Shirts","variant":null,"price":"25","quantity":null,"coupon":null,"position":null});
ga('ec:setAction', 'detail');
ga('send', 'pageview');


Am I doing it right? I'm not confident I fully understood how this is meant to work.