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Connecting Squarespace to Google Analytics

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Hi guys!  I'm slightly technology challenged but I'm trying to get my Square space account to link to my Google Analytics account so that every page I have in Google analytics is considered separate (I have a homepage, contact-us, newsletter, and blog page).  Right now all it shows is a bounce rate from people coming to my site because Google is looking at my site as one big page.  What I did so far was submit the sitemap xml  from Square space into sitemaps.  


I contacted the Squarespace support team and this was there response.  Less than inspiring.  :/  I was hoping I could ask all you cool cats what I should do next? Thank you in advance for your help, this has been deeply confusing! 


To clarify, it appears that you've added the Google Analytics code in the site-wide header, found under Settings > Advanced > Code Injection. As with any third party code added to your site, we're unfortunately not able to help you troubleshoot or test the code, if it's not working as intended.

Some options you have that are worth trying out would be:

1) Using our built-in integration with Google Analytics, instead of code

You can input your Analytics ID into Squarespace directly in order to setup your site to work with their basic metrics functionality. The ID entry can be found under Settings > Advanced > External Services in the menu of your Squarespace site. Feel free to reference our guide here for more information:


2) Reaching out on the Answers forum for help with the code

Alternatively, you can continue using the code method of implementing Google Analytics, but you'd probably want to reach out on the Squarespace Answers forum for some help from other users:


Hopefully someone on the forums there will be able to suggest how you might manipulate the code to work better for your needs, if you choose to go this route.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out again. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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Re: Connecting Squarespace to Google Analytics

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Hi Jackie :-)
Usually where a platform has its own built in integration method for adding the Google Analytics tracking,, then their method should be used.


I would remove whatever tracking code you have added to the Settings > Advanced > Code Injection.
And follow their own instructions for setting up google analytics tracking.
Once that has been done and left to start working properly for 24-48hrs, I would then see if this has made a difference to how
pages are appearing in the Behaviour > Site Content > All pages report.


If you need help with SEO related issues (eg like sitemaps), then best place to ask would be on the Webmaster Central Help Forum!forum/webmasters


Bounce rate can also be a misleading metric, so you may want to have a read of this article:
Search rankings do NOT take the bounce rate from Google Analytics into account

Based upon what we’ve seen above about how bounce rate can be a). Broken and b). Impacted by code, I just want to say that I totally take Matt Cutts at his word when he says that search rankings do not take Google Analytics into account.  Google Analytics’ metrics are far too easy to manipulate for the Search Quality Team to use them in rankings, IMHO.  Furthermore, there are so many broken implementations that it would be foolhardy to consider pages/visit or bounce rate metrics on a global scale to be reliable as a search quality signal.

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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