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Combination of GA filters

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I am quite new to GA so want to see if someone can help. I have one property in Google Universal with six filters. The six filters apply to a sub domain of two websites (one sweden one norway).


The filters seem to be capturing data fine. But the All Website Data is not capturing anything.


For this view I have set up a filter to include all the domains. But not getting any results. Any idea where I am going wrong?


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May 2016

Re: Combination of GA filters

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Hi Dean,

I would just go ahead and remove all filters from the All Web Site Data view. It's best to do that so you always have an unfiltered view with all site hits just in case you ever need it. Also, since you want to include all of the traffic, this will work. That should resolve the issue.

Then you may want to create another view that filters out any internal traffic using exclude filters.