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Check Google Analytics implementation with second script

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can you please help on this topic:


Currently Google Analytics is implemented GTM and is firing on different rules when a specific variable is pushed into the datalayer.


I would like to see if this is properly working with the datalayer push. So I would firing a second script on all pages without waiting for the right variables in the datalayer.


Is this possible without having any problems when 2 analytics scripts are firing?

Or do you see another way how I can check the implementation without the datalayer.


Thanks a lot.







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Check Google Analytics implementation with second script

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I don't quite get what is what you are trying to do...


If you wish to fire 2nd tag that will send information to GA and it contains dataLayer variables that are not yet present when the tag fires you will see undefined as a value.


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Antti Nylund, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Check Google Analytics implementation with second script

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thanks for trying to help me.


Currently the tags are firing if the datalayer is pushed with a specific value. But I assume that the datalayer variables are not pushed consistently. Sometimes the variables are pushed sometimes not. In that way my visits are maybe to less and the cvr is to good. Because the analytics tag is not firing everytime.


So my thought is to have a second analytics tag which is firing if gtm.js is loaded on all pages - just to have the visits count without waiting for a datalayer variable push. I need to know the real amount of visits. I want to bypass the current implementation and compare the current numbers.


(So we have property A and view A as the current configuration. For the second tag I would use property A and view B by using a custom dimension. So via this dimension I would exclude the second page views from the first view and include them in view B.)


Does it make sense in this way?




Re: Check Google Analytics implementation with second script

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Hi @Gerhard K,


first things first:

How about a test environment?


How about using the Tag Assistant and/or WASP to evaluate?

You can (should!) record the actions and check for errors within.


Then I'd look for best practices ( or even predefined containers (lunametrics and other places, until the solution gallery for GTM is comming...SOON I HOPE!!!), you can check your containers over there at conversionworks and I'd compare my solution with the best practice, to see which one's better.

You can ask the guys and gals here but in the product forums for GA and especially GTM you have  gods, uh, guys like Simo Ahava, Phil Pearce, Julien Coquet or Stephane Hamel answering your special question and even really, really fast.


Good luck, have fun and success!





P.S.: Gerhard? German speakking guy?