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Appending Client ID to URL

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We've got a portion of our checkout we're not able to tag with the GA tracking script, however we can pass the Client ID through these steps and back through to the URL when visitors get past the untaggable portion. Is this enough to continue the session on the otherside of the untrackable steps? 

Re: Appending Client ID to URL

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Hello Mike!

You should be able to manually decorate those links as is referenced in the Google Dev resources below:



<a href=""></a>


 After you pass the client in just make sure to harvest it on the when you return to page with analytics.


below is an example of the clientId parameter being used in the GATC.


ga('create', 'UA-xxxxxxx-y', 'auto', {
'clientId': '510791205.1456428834'
ga('send', 'pageview');


Afterwards simply look at the _GA cookie to make sure the value match up!


Good Luck!