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Adwords conversion pixel and GA Goals Import

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I have a question about difference between Google Adwords Conversion tag and GA Golas Import.


I have a page - lead form, and when it's submitted we have Adwords Conversion Pixel and GA Goal 'Form Lead' that is imported to Adwords.


So my questions are:


1) Am i right that in this case we have dublicated data about converions in Google Adwords?

2) What is better to use: Adwords Pixel or GA Goals Import?

3) I know that they count conversion using different ways (i've already read GA Support Info) but it's not clear for me: if i use the import of GA Goals only, will i get to Adwords all the goals that were registered to GA and then Adwords will apply its logic to these data and will show me those conversions where was at least one Adwords Click or GA will send to Adwords only last-click nondirect cpc goals and  adwords will show me them only?  


Can GA Import replace Adwords Pixel with no loss?


Thank you!


Best regards,



Adwords conversion pixel and GA Goals Import

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Hi Tanya,

1>Yes you are right conversion will count twice. So use either Adwords conversion tracking or import goals from Google analytics

2>There is no right or wrong answer here, only the best answer for your reporting needs and deciding upon how much credit you want to attribute back to the Paid Search channel.


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