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Adding custom dimensions for every event?

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I'm trying to use custom dimensions and metrics to measure the performance of my site.

Basically I have a registration page and a sign in page that takes in query parameters to display its UI (old vs new)


  • http://mysite/register.php?ui=oldUI
  • http://mysite/register.php?ui=newUI
  • http://mysite/signin.php?ui=oldUI
  • http://mysite/siginin.php?ui=newUI


Here's what I'm thinking to analyze - the number of hits on the two pages and the types of UI that these users see on load.


 Custom Dimension 1 (Session level scope) Register (Custom Metric 1)Sign In (Custom Metric 2)
 New UI60100
 Old UI200300


Furthermore, I would like like to analyze the performance of the registration page (for the new UI) using the number of attempts and success from events.


Custom Dimension 2 (Hit level scope) Event LabelTotal Events


So here are my questions:


  1. Is it correct to assign hit-level scope to custom dimension1?
  2. While I'm setting the custom metrics 1 & 2, I should also be assigning them to custom dimension 2?
  3. With the configuration above, I can apply a filter Custom Dimension == 'New UI' to get to the intended results in the second table?
  4. When I track events leading to the success / attempts labels, do I still need to tag the same custom dimension again (even though I have tag them on the register page load already)? 
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Re: Adding custom dimensions for every event?

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If I'm getting you right, you want Google Analytics to measure the number of registrations and sign ins for you. If you used Custom Metrics for that, it would be you who would have to deliver these numbers to Google Analytics ...

So, it should be easier to simply set up goals for registrations & sign-ins. And aren't the 'attempts' you want to measure just another expression for defining funnel steps in your goal definition, i.e. pages near goal completion?


Re: Adding custom dimensions for every event?

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Hi Christoph,

Good idea.
Actually I've already set up goals for registrations, so I probably should do the same for sign-ins. With that, I probably could do away with custom metrics.

Yes, the 'attempts' are to help with the funneling. I don't know if there's a way to show a funnel between goals (based on events). Because, a lot of things are happening around AJAX calls, the page paths are pretty much the same. That's the reason I'm resorting to event tracking.

I do actually have further requirements to slice and dice the data even further. Such as having another dimension (such segregating between dark, light, gray themes - also tracked thru events) in addition to New UI and Register to further analyze the performance in smaller segments.

That brings me back to my #4 question:
"When I track events ...., do I still need to tag the same custom dimension again (even though I have tagged them on ... page load already)?"