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wrong city

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During account set up with windows 10 on my laptop I had to verifly the settings info and was asked to make sure that the city listed was where I was located. Listed were San Francisco and Los Angels. I live in Stockton California. Do you know if this is a problem?

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Re: wrong city

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Hi Ruth,

You Windows settings have nothing to do with Google Analytics so you are all set.


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Re: wrong city

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Thank you. I can't figure out why my android always freezes. When I'm doing
a crossword puzzle it will automatically start filling in the whole puzzle
with random letters till its done. I'll try to input something and the
cursor will jump around all crazy. This is just a few of the odd things
that happen. I know I'm being watched by camera phone because I hear it
click as does when I take pics. I've been sent texts w pics of me. I'm sick
of it. Been going on too long and I wish I could make it stop. Thank you
for your response to my 1st question. it helped me rule that out. I
appreciate it. Have a great day.