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utm medium parameters - social or referral?

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Hi all,


We do a lot of campaigns where we use utm parameters to mark this traffic as campaign and not direct. As we have a LOT of links and a lot of people setting these links up, I've built a link builder spreadsheet in order to standardise the source/medium as it was getting messy.


My question is; when would I use referral? Specifically, there's a link underneath a YouTube video (not paid) and we want to be able to identify that traffic as having come from YouTube as source, but would I use 'social' or 'referral' as the medium? 


Thanks in advance.

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December 2015

Re: utm medium parameters - social or referral?

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I have a similar list. If you can give me a few more examples I can help out. What I have actually done is made my own channel grouping and then created my own medium eg: Links.


As for your second question (If you don't have custom channels) is to use the following for your Youtube links:

  • Source:
  • Medium: social

Re: utm medium parameters - social or referral?

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Thanks, Bryan Smiley Happy That was the only example I had in terms of referral - I'm actually looking at custom channel groupings at the moment inspired by your post, but I imagine that'll be a whole other conversation! Appreciate the help.