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tracking for cross platform

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Sorry suppose it is a common question, but I found different answers and I cannot confirm.


Q1) How to track my product on different platforms (web, ios, android)?

Should I create different properties / different tracking ID? Or I should use the same tracking id?



Furthermore, if I build a full features web site (eg. website for buyer and seller), but create separate apps (e.g  one for buyer and another for seller, for better UX), what should be the best practices on GA setup? or use other tools/views to gather the results? 






best practices changed for Google Analytics? here

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Re: tracking for cross platform

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Hi Leo
This is completely up to you. You can have everything in a single view or you could split out each property by platform. You could even split out each platform and user type by account and have a single account/property/view that contains all of the traffic combined.

There's no real best practice here. It's up to how you want to manage your data.
I would however urge you to take some of the lessons on the fundamentals and platform principles here:

Remember, you can always go back and change the setup if you chose.
Personally, I'd stick to a single property for each platform and then another for all the traffic combined. It would be easier to implement all this with Google Tag Manager though.

Hope that helps.

Re: tracking for cross platform

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Hi Dave - I'm wondering how I can view revenue generated and purchases from a recent campaign. I can see in the eCommerce selection, that I can select revenue, transactions, and conversion rate, but all the
numbers say 0. Is there a special action to enable this data?

Re: tracking for cross platform

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Hi Billy.
You need to set up e-commerce tracking in GA. It's not the same as AdWords conversion tracking.

I have to say this again, I would HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you view the resource that I linked above. It contains very thing that you need to know. If you out in even the smallest bit of effort to learn what you're about to use, you'll benefit from it 100 times over.

Re: tracking for cross platform

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Hey There - Thanks for the reply. yep, i just figured that out a few minutes ago. While I have eCommerce setting enabled in GA view, I think the error comes to the fact that the client did not apply the code that's needed on their site. I believe this is the 2nd step in order to see conversions and revenue data in GA, yes? How do I go about giving them the proper code to append? Or do they create the code on their end? Thanks, Billy -- Billy Butler Media Planner Out There 234 5th Avenue, #317 New York, NY 10001 O +1 646-553-6234 M +1 434-249-2004