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I'm a beginner.  I was poking around in real-time, testing to see if the analytics blocker I've been trying to install for our team was working.

I noticed that a user was on and I could see a partial URL of the page viewed.

This is something we really, really would like to do with everyone who visits our site.


Is this possible?  to get a report showing all the pages visited by all users?

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yes, page reporting is one of the fundamental reports available in Google Analytics. Go into behaviour > content and you'll see the various different permutations of page reporting. These are the so called 'standard reports', though it's also possible to create your own 'custom reports' as well. Take a look around and then feel free to pose questions in this forum. There's a whole bunch of online learning resources in the Analytics Academy as well.

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Thanks.  But, a problem...

When I click on BEHAVIOR, there is no CONTENT option...only: "NEW vs RETURNING",  "FREQUENCY & RECENCY" AND "ENGAGEMENT"


I should add that I've made some progress on my own...in

AUDIENCE > USER EXPLORER I've found a step-by-step tracking of each session for each individual user. 

This gives me what I want for my immediate needs, and is OK given that we don't have that many users yet...but if/when our numbers increase, I'd like to be able to analyze data to see if where people are going as a whole...