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linking search console properties with analytics account

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Hey guys;


I am confused about a couple of things.   I am not so relatively new to  google analytics.  I have a few accounts setup in GWT and analytics.    Still learning all the time.  But this this last time I went into analytics,  I noticed the huge numbers display.  From negative  bounce rates to four digit percentages for average session duration.  I think this may be attributed to the compare dates that I noticed on the upper right corner of the screen.  I don't remember seeing this or even setting compare dates in the past.  When I try to uncheck the compare to field and click apply.  It reverts  back to the dates that compare current week to the previous week.  How can I fix this?

Re: linking search console properties with analytics account

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Are you saying that your issue is that the comparison dates in the interface are kind of stuck?
Try using a different browser just to test these issues can just be random and temporary or caused by a weird plugin interaction.
So if you try with incognito/private and try a different browser & computer combo then that should help isolate it.
Lemme know what happens

Re: linking search console properties with analytics account

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Thanks for your reply. The comparison dates aren't stuck. I don't
remember the numbers being compared to a previous week unless I set it
that way. It is kind of hard to explain verbally because I am not
explaining the problem using the correct terminology. I used the snipping
tool to capture an image of the screen. Notice the compare to dates in the
upper right-hand corner. I click the down arrrow and uncheck the compare
to box, then click apply. I close analytics and go back in and it reverts
back to where it was before with the compare to box check off. ??? What
drew me to this issue were the numbers looked very weird. You can see how
large the numbers are - 172% bounce rate.

One other thing. As you can see I have several accounts set up. Under the
"reporting" then "acquisition" I noticed that some are displaying "search
engine optimization" while others are displaying "search console" beta????

anyway I tried what you suggested using chrome, firefox and safari - same
outcome each time. tried incognito. same thing.

I appreciate your time David.
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