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Hello. I was looking for a so company to help me with my website. I contacted a company by the name of "The Add Firm". I was asked to set up a google analytics account and grant them access to the report, which I did. Only I unknowingly and mistakenly gave them complete access to my google analytics report. They have removed me from having accessability and from having the ability to add or subtract users from the report. The understanding was that for them to give me a quote, they needed access to Google Analytics. This company was not hired by me, and has since highjacked my Google Analytics for "The Hardwood Flooring Co" and will not relinquish this accessibility. How do I re secure my Google Analytics Account Which had been set up under "Gate Hardwood Floors", which I still have access to? Thank you for your time and help. Brian, brian@thehardwoodflooringco.com

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google analytics

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Hi Brian,

sorry to hear of your rather shabby treatment by the company involved.

For clarity.. how long did you have google analytics setup and installed to track your website before allowing the company access to the analytics account?

Also to clear up what access you do still have.. 
When you log into Google Analytics and click the Admin tab, on the Admin page there are 3 columns with drop downs. Account - Property and View

In the first column drop down. how many Analytics Accounts are listed in the first column drop down?

If one at a time you select each Account and click on User Management in the first column drop down

on the User Management page where you see your email address .. under the User Permissions, are all 4 permissions ticked.. and/or does it say next to that the Permissions are assigned at a Property or View level


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Re: google analytics

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1. To respond to your question, I had set up google analytics around Sept
3rd, 2016.
I then gave "theaddfirm" access to google analytics the following day.

2. I have access to "www.gatehardwoodfloors.com" only. I have been locked
out of "www.thehardwoodflooringco.com

3. 3 accounts (gatehardwoodfloors.com, thehardwoodflooringco.com,

4. do not recall exactly, but I most likely checked each of the four boxes
when signing them in to review the reports (accidentally/unknowingly)


Thank You,
Brian Buske
335 Pasadena Ave.
Tustin, CA 92780
Off: (714) 544-4283
Cll: (714)478-0499
E-mail: brian@gatehardwoodfloors.com