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Why does the Parent to Parent website Google analytics have a threshold on our demographics?

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This is very unhelpful. We are getting .3% of the gender data for the month and .6% of the age data. We specifically need to increase visits from males and younger age groups. As a not-for-profit we rely on our website for a huge per cent of our promotion/marketing, so the current restrictions on our analytics renders it close to useless. Below is what Google sent us - can you please explain why this threshold has been applied to us and why our data is being withheld?


Thresholds are applied to prevent anyone viewing a report from inferring the demographics or interests of individual users. When a report contains Age, Gender, or Interest Category (as a primary or secondary dimension, or as part of an applied segment), a threshold may be applied and some data may be withheld from the report. For example, if there are fewer than N instances of Gender=male in a report, then data for the male value may be withheld.

If a threshold has been applied to a report, you will see a notice below the report title.

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Re: Why does the Parent to Parent website Google analytics have a threshold on our demographics?

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First a recap on how demographic data works.
Demographic data in GA is captured based on a sample of visitors that were exposed to the Google Display Network (GDN) and ads intended for specific demographics.
What you see in demographics reports are merely how many visitors can be matched with ad audience targets. It does not mean that the person browsing your website is really a 35-45 male interested in fly fishing. It just means that at some point the person viewed a site or an ad intended for said demographic.

Usually, audiences in Google Analytics are largely exposed to the GDN (60+%) so seeing low numbers (as you mentioned) would mean that you have a tagging issue.
Look at your site's tracking code and make sure it includes support for display features.

If you use Google Tag Manager, don't forget to check the Display Features box in your Google analytics tag.

Normally I would tell you to turn on Demographic data recording at the propery or view level but since you seem to capture some data already, this is not required.
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