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Where is Admin!

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I have already signed up for google analytics and got a tracking number for my website a feww weeks ago.


Now I want to add a user and was sent here https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1009702?hl=en


But there is no Admin!   all it says is "my Account" and has a bunch of settings. This is frustrating.


I have the tracking code UA-99592446-1  So I must have gotten it somewhere!!


It just makes me try to sign up for Analytics again when I go to Analytics.


Can somebody tell me how to add a user??




Where is Admin!

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Hello! The Admin button is usually found at the bottom of the left sidebar menu.


Here's a screenshot of where you can find the Admin button. http://imgur.com/iCCe2Ad


When you click the Admin button, you'll then find the User Management button to the settings on the right.


"But there is no Admin! all it says is "my Account" and has a bunch of settings. This is frustrating."


On the page that says "My Account," is it this URL/address? - https://myaccount.google.com/ 


Did you use a different Google (Gmail) account to create your Analytics account?