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Webmasters tools - "this site may be hacked'

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I can not seem to find anywhere to post so was hoping someone could help.


My website was recently hacked. We very quickly rectified the breach and everything seems fine now.


I just noticed that on google search, it now states that 'this site may be hacked'.


In order to rectify this, I'm required to log in to the search console on the webmasters tools page.

When I try to log in, I only have Restricted Access. From memory, a third party set up this area for us when we were starting out. So it seems that there is effectively an administrator for our account.


So is there a way for me to take ownership of this existing account?


Do I need to employ an expert to deal with this situation. Just noting that all malicious data is cleared from our website and now it seems it is only a matter of requesting a review of our website. But to request the review, we require access to the webmasters tools.


Thanks for your help.



Webmasters tools - "this site may be hacked'

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Hi Jason,


You can verify the site with yourself as an owner @


Hope this helps.


**One more thing I would like to let you know that for seo related query please ask your question in Webmaster Central Help Forum