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Views per property Limit

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Hello all,


I've reached the limit of 25 views for a specific property but i understand this limit can be raised to 200 for non-premium properties contacting my Google account manager?


Any idea how to request this? i cannot find any information in regards to contact my Account Manager for a non-premium account. 


Many thanks,


Re: Views per property Limit

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Hi David,

If you have a relationship for non-Premium support with a Google Analytics Certified Partner I would recommend contacting them. If you're an AdWords customer with an account rep, that's who you should contact. If you have neither, getting a relationship for support going with a partner or evaluating Premium either from a reseller or from Google would be your best bets. Typically, if you have need for more than 25 views you'll have enough of a business behind things to have AdWords spend or the need for partner services or Premium.

Hope this helps!