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Unable to view custom reports after adding account

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A friend has a web site and wanted me to help him with GA.  He logged into his Google account and then I added myself as an admin to the account, with his approval.  After adding myself to his GA account the rights for both of us are as follows:   Manage user, edit, collaborate, Read and Analyze. 


After doing that I added a bunch of customized reports from the Gallery.  When I log into my Google account and go to GA, I can see the custom reports under the "Customization" heading.  However when my friend logs into GA, he doesn't see any of the custom reports that I added.  I actually verified that as I looked at his account after he logged in.  What can I do to enable my friend to view the custom reports that I added to his GA property?


Also, he has an old UA property under his main account that isn't really used, its basically UA-xxxxxxxx-1.  There is a new property UA-xxxxxxxx-2 for the same site, which is actually used to collect all the data.  The guy who put together his web site added the UA-xxxxxxxx-2 property to all the pages.   Is it possible to delete the UA-xxxxxxxx-1 property without also removing or affecting the UA-xxxxxxxx-2 property? 





Re: Unable to view custom reports after adding account

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Hi Jack,


Custom reports are an asset at "User level", meaning that each User sees only the custom reports he configured. However, custom reports are sharable among users, so you can share with your friend the custom reports you created, via the following procedure (alternatively, you can instruct your friend to do the exact same import from the gallery that you did):


Go to Customization --> Overview and click on the Actions dropdown menu in the row corresponding to the report you want to share:


Schermata 07-2457572 alle 10.18.03.png


2) Choose "Share template link" and click "Share":


Schermata 07-2457572 alle 10.18.24.png


3) Google Analytics will show you a link that allows to share the report configuration settings. Copy the link and send it to your friends:


Schermata 07-2457572 alle 10.18.15.png


4) Your friend needs to login to Google Analytics and then click the link received. He will be prompted to choose to which GA View he wants to apply the custom report configuration. 


Schermata 07-2457572 alle 10.24.28.png


In this way, your friend will see the same report you are seeing. As I mentioned, alternatively he can also import from the Gallery the very same report that you imported.



Concerning your second question, if the property 1 is not used, you can remove it safely. It will not affect property 2 in any way, since GA properties have independent settings.


Hope it helps!


I wish you a great day,




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Re: Unable to view custom reports after adding account

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Thanks for the advice. Very good solution.