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Unable to access site analytics due to error.

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I'm able to log into my Google Analytics account but unable to see anything beyond that. If I click on a website that I am tracking, I am given an internal error along with this message:

"Analytics has encountered an unexpected condition and cannot fulfill your request."

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November 2015

Re: Unable to access site analytics due to error.

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I had this up until this week when i also asked this question here!
the answer given to me worked

Get your browser set to incignito/inPrivate - make sure that all plugins/extensions are set to be deactivated in this mode
so you are effectively using a 'clean browser' then see if GA works.

did for me

now you can use GA
next thing is to identify what is causing the issue - often it is ad blockers
or you can just have a different browser you use for GA i.e. if Chrome is your default and has all your extensions etc then just get firefox and use for GA at least until you identify this issue

this is all assuming you are using a main proser like Chrome / Firefox / Explorer - although i would not recommend explorer.
if you are using a less common browser then change to chrome or firefox for GA

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