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Tying real life conversions back to analytics using the measurement protocol.

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Hey guys -


I work for a company that sells homes and all our digital marketing efforts are tracked through google analytics as you would expect.  


The way customers purchase a home currently is they find us through our online marketing channels (e.g., facebook > website or email > website or any other path they may take), they may surf the website, fill out a sign up form, send us a message through our contact form, and they may at their discretion decide to up and visit one of our show homes at the community.


I'd love to be able to get an ROI for our marketing activities and I'm trying to brainstorm the best way to go about doing this.  What approach might you guys take in this case?  How can I tie my showhome visits back to my analytics data? How can I tie my conversions back to my analytics data?


If I can get an ROI back to every dollar spent on every marketing activity it'd be gold.


Edit: to be clear here I'd like to be able to say, for example, first touch point (facebook) > website > sign up > visit show home > purchased home ... possible?


Would love to hear your opinions.




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Tying real life conversions back to analytics using the measurement protocol.

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Hi there - this is off the top of my head. I'm assuming you're already tracking sign ups as some kind of event in GA. 


Couple of different thoughts:


1. Linking your CRM data to the GA event of filling out a contact form will require some work. In the best scenario you can get developer support who can help you send a unique ID number, for the successful submission of your contact/sign up form, which is then shared with both GA and your CRM/contact form data base. In GA this could be sent as an event label, for example. You'll tne have attribution data for an exact event which can be linked to the name of a customer. Don't send names and address to GA - this is PII data and will break the terms of service. You will have to mash up the data outside of GA, but that's not too difficult.

If you cannot do this, then hopefully your CRM/contact form data base does have a time stamp when a submission is made. You could set up GA to send a time stamp when a contact form/sign up form is sucessfully submitted and then compare this with your back end time stamp - not fool proof, but better than nothing. 



2.Your contact form/sign-up form - you're presumably getting some kind of data from the client which allows you to identify them? Do you also collect the names of people who visit your showhomes? If this is the case then you could tie these two bits of data together. 


3. If its possible to attend a show home by only surfing the web then your options are: a. add a requirement to fill in the contact form or b. survey attendees to the show homes as to how they got their information. Personally, I think the less barriers the better but you could incentivise people to leave contact information.


4. Use email to follow up what people who leave their contact details do. For example, they could receive an email asking them which homes they visited. You could then put this data back into your CRM and link it with the original activity in GA. 


5. With regard to purchasing the home - you must have their names. Linking this back to activity on GA should be entirely possible, if they filled out a contact form. 




John Wedderburn, Advertiser Community, Rising Star
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Tying real life conversions back to analytics using the measurement protocol.

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Hey John -


Thanks for the ideas. Like you mentioned the biggest hurdle is getting people to opt-in on the website before visiting a show home and again like you mentioned we don't want to put up any barriers.  I'll try and think up some of some incentives.  I especially like the idea of getting people at the show homes to sign in and this way I can tie the names together with the data from the website ... which obviously only works if they signed up on the website somewhere and left us that information.  Might be a good place to start.