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Trying to login with my company gmail address

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I have been given access to my company's Google Analytics account by my administrator. I received the email of my access to my work gmail. 


When I attempt to login using my work email, it tells me how my email is not authorized and to sign in with another account. I have signed in and out of both my work and personal gmail accounts. To no avail. I do know what to do now, or how to get in touch with a real effin person at Google support. 


I understand that can be difficult given their size, but this is insane that I can't find an article to help me nor find a person to chat with or email with to figure out why my work gmail account is not authorized to view the Google Analytics account when clearly I received an email telling me I was authorized. 





Re: Trying to login with my company gmail address

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Hi Elise,

Can you please clarify it a little bit? What address you use to login and which one was authorized by your administrator in Google Analytics? It's kind of unclear what exactly is the problem here. Also you mentioned "work email" and "work gmail" - not really sure which one is used for what. If you can be more specific I'd try to help.

Re: Trying to login with my company gmail address

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Sure, I use this email address for work: which
is powered by gmail.
My marketing administrator gave that email address access to view our
company's google analytics page. But when I attempted to login with that
email address its kept throwing the error "we're sorry but you don't have
access to view this page. Please contact your administrator for access. Or
try logging in with another email : or"

And When I chose my work email (@patientco) from the option it gave me- It
threw that same error page I mentioned above.

I don't understand why my work email does not have access to view my
company's Google analytics account whe I was given access by the
administrator of the account.

Does that help?



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Re: Trying to login with my company gmail address

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Hi Elise,

I think that you may have no access to Google Analytics enabled in your company's Google Apps for Work admin panel. Here is instruction from Google on how to enable it:

Please let me know if it helped.