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Tracking country-specific URLs for Blogger

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Hi there,


Sorry if this is a stupid question, as I'm fairly new to GA. I previously (currently) had Google Analytics set up to track my Blogger URL as, and linked it with Search Console in which the URL was given as


Anyway, after a bit of searching and confusion regarding why my site was being indexed as .com (rather than, I found out that it's because my "default" blog URL is .com, but I was being re-directed to due to my location. I also realised this means that people in other countries may be redirected to their own location URL.


Based on this, I've now changed the Search Console URL to, as this seems to be the actual default URL (even though it isn't what appears in my address bar), and should indeed be the version that is indexed. However, I can't seem to find out what my Google Analytics URL should be, and whether I've been accidentally only tracking traffic in the UK, i.e. that is redirected to If I change the GA default URL to the .com version, will GA then track all traffic, even if it is redirected to a country-specific URL? Presumably this is how it should be set up, rather than the URL. I couldn't find any details about this in the info about Blogger re-directing to a country-specific URL.


Thanks for the help, and apologies again if I'm being really stupid!

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Re: Tracking country-specific URLs for Blogger

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Hi :-)
I seem to remember reading somewhere that they are going to be doing away with that. however i can no longer find the article so don't quote me, incase I am mistaken and that is not the case
If you use a custom domain name, then the country redirection is no longer an issue
Alterinatively, if using a blotspot domain address, you can instead override the redirection so that ppl get sent to the .com regardless of their location

Analytics doesnt track the domain name in the reports, it only reports the Request URI (the url without the domain name)
If you are wanting to attach the analytics to the webmaster search console, then analytics will need to have the property and view settings
setup with the .com domain name
Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Tracking country-specific URLs for Blogger

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Thank you! Smiley Happy

I don't use a custom domain, and I'd rather not fiddle with the code, so I'll probably leave that. I don't mind the redirection particularly, as long as I can still track everything reasonably easily.

Thanks for explaining about the request URL, that makes a lot more sense. So in that case, setting it up as .com will track everything, regardless of any country-specific domain? In that case, is it still tracking other versions (e.g. .com) at the moment, while it's set up at Either way, I'll change it to .com for consistency.