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Tracking ID is wrong, but don't want to loose data

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I re-implemented my website about 18 months ago.  Somehow the Analytics ID that should be used is not the one that's been used for tracking on my website.  Is there anything I can do to correct the situation yet not loose 18 months worth of data?


A bit more info (and yes, I know that I should have dealt with this problem ages ago :-)).

According to my Google Analytics Dashboard, my current tracking ID is UA-36955436-2. I believe I created this new ID just prior to reimplementing my website a year and a half ago using an industry specific tool called Vin65.


When I go into Google Analytics, I have an alert saying I have a Tracking Code Mismatch. Under Details, it says the following:


The default URL /, for propertyUA-36955436-2 has no tracking code for this property, although it does have tracking codes for other properties:

  • UA-33184573-1
  • UA-4442203-2
  • UA-50919605-42

(it then goes on to say other stuff about not getting valid data and then suggests I change the tracking code on my website or change the default URL for my property, neither of which I want to do). 



Of these three tracking IDs, the first and last are "generic" to Vin65, and for some reason my website was set up in Vin65 to use the middle ID, although I have no idea where I actually got that ID. 


Is there some way I can "tell" Google Analytics that I actually want to use the UA-4442203-2 ID instead of the one that it thinks I currently should be using, UA-36955436-2?


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Re: Tracking ID is wrong, but don't want to loose data

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Lost data cannot be recovered in any way for Google Analytics.

In future you can be careful with:

You can easily debug on the website with GA debugger:

You can check in chrome, console tab with 'Preserve log' turned ON.

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